10 Self Care Activities for Body Positivity and Self-Love

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24 July, 2020

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10 Self Care Activities for Body Positivity and Self-Love

What a beautiful day

Begin this article with a completely open mind: Think about it – how many times have you caught yourself gazing into the mirror with disappointment and shame at what you currently are? You’re not alone in this. Almost every human on the planet has grappled with body issues and insecurities in their lifetime.

But what I wish to tell you here is that it’s completely FINE. Life is a journey with exhilarating highs and depressing lows. 

In fact, your wish to get rid of your acne, your desire to dress in a certain manner, and just about every other wish you’ve had, has already been made countless times by millions of people around the world before.

However, we humans are a diverse bunch, which is what makes all of us so amazing and beautiful. Here are ten different activities that will help accept you for who you truly are:

1. Gratitude

While this might sound super cheesy now, remember that you cannot keep running away from yourself your entire life. Go ahead and enjoy a healthy relationship with your own mind and body. Don’t focus on things you lack or let negative thoughts occupy your mind at all times. Instead, list various reasons why you love yourself, your health, and your abilities. Keep a grateful attitude throughout the day. If that seems too difficult, just start the day with a simple, single thought of pure gratitude to change your life.

Take part in joyous movements
While exercise is known to raise the secretion of happy chemicals such as endorphins, there’s no reason why the gym should be your only option. If you don’t want to go to the gym, know that there are many other ways to enjoy an endorphin release. Such as getting a massage, meditate, laugh, and dance. 

3. Stay focused on internal values
Ambition, sense of humor, assertiveness, confidence, individuality, intimacy, connectedness, relationships, self-awareness, curiosity, personal fulfillment, fairness, loyalty, and wisdom are the qualities that truly matter – strive every day to improve yourself in these aspects. 

4. Stay in the company of positive people
In case you’re unable to find any positivity within you, you can hang out with your positivity-focused friends or groups until it starts to rub off on you as well. Exchange supportive messages with them and keep them pumped when they’re feeling down as well. By surrounding yourself with people who understand your importance and value, you’ll be happier and more pleased with the universe.

Get yourself something nice every once in a while
Be it your favorite food, a luxurious bubble bath, or sleeping in, treat yourself well and you’ll enjoy life infinitely more. You’ll also feel happier and more relaxed after giving yourself a treat after a long and tiring day.

Attach Encouraging Notes onto Your Mirror
“Smile every day”, “You’re beautiful”, or “Stay strong” are all excellent quotes to stick on your mirror. You can source other quotes from sites like Pinterest as well. You should also try recollecting all the positive things that people have told you before and jot them down on a sticky note. Look at these inspiring messages whenever you wake up or go to sleep. Don’t forget – it’s all true as well!

7. Spend Time Outside Regularly

Fresh air can boost serotonin production in the brain and make you feel happier. You can try bird-watching, walking, or just relax on a park bench. Take the beauty of everything in and enjoy your day outside.

8. Accept every compliment you receive

Some people tend to be modest whenever someone compliments them or overthink it obsessively. Instead of doing that, how about just thanking them for it and continuing your day as normal? Imagine how a single compliment has the power to make you laugh or smile for days. Spread this love and offer genuine compliments to others regularly as well.

Wear clothes that make you look good and feel good
That doesn’t mean you should change your entire wardrobe overnight. Just put on a pair of pants or a shirt that you really love and conquer the rest of your day. Although we don’t recommend obsessing over your looks all the time, paying a bit of attention to your wardrobe certainly doesn’t hurt, does it?

Ignore the scale
Do you find yourself down and moody after weighing yourself? It’s time to ditch it then. Your happiness and health shouldn’t be tied to a few numbers on a scale. Take care of yourself in all aspects – soul, body, and mind. Your body weight depends on a number of different factors, including genetics, which is arguably the biggest factor around. Don’t be worried about being too fat or too thin – accept who you are and love yourself for it. That’s the key to happiness.

If you’re overwhelmed by the suggestions on this list, simply pick any one suggestion and practice it regularly. If you think it’s helping you become a better person, implement another suggestion later on. Body positivity isn’t something that happens overnight. Loving yourself and becoming a better human takes immense patience and practice. While it may be a bumpy journey, it’s well worth the destination.

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