The Body Wash Aid
multi-purpose personal hygiene helper!

What is the Body Wash Aid?

The Body Wash Aid will benefit you if you are a senior, have a few extra pounds, pregnant, accident or surgery patient, issues with incontinence, U.T.I., rotator cuff or arthritis.

Easy to use, it allows you to clean and sanitize hard to reach areas in the comfort of your own shower with just soap and water (no expensive or harsh chemicals). Soap up Swish – Swish – Rinse and done! Reduces Odor, Itching and Rashes while leaving you clean and comfortable.

What People Are Saying Aout Body Wash Aid

"The product is the best ive tried."

"This is the 3rd product of the type I have purchased. And it's the best. If you are obese/bariatric I highly suggest this be your first one. .

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"Get one. It will change your life!"

" This has been a life changer and a major mental stabilizer for me to get back to living. I cannot recommend this enough! Get one. It will change your life!"

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- Seniors -

Seniors would benefit from the reduced strain in reaching with The Body Wash Aid.

- Mobility Impaired -

Those with mobility issues now have a way to regain their independence

- Pregnant -

Pregnant woment will find this to be the a great assistant during development.

- Obese -

For the large and obese, this design has you in mind.



Those with mobility issues
Arthritis Patient
Accident/Surgery Patients
Issues With Incontinence


Easy to use all-purpose self-cleaner

Reduces Odor, Itchiness, and Rashes

Helps to reach challenging areas for a better clean


Body Wash Aid is avialible for order here at our online store

Also avialiable on Amazon, Google Shop, and here on our website

Body Wash Aid is delivered discreetly to your home


This product makes life cleaner and safer for its users.

A cleaner lifestyle reduces health risks.

None of us likes to admit we may have a little problem and could use a little help. MAN-UP and fix it!